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wow it has been almost a year. I forgot this thing existed before Marisa mentioned it the other day. I don't remember how to do this anymore! Since my last post was about Pure, I guess it would be appropriate for this one to be too. I still work there. Only now I'm selling shots. Wooo. Whatever brings home the bacon, right? I'm training to be a bartender though, which is fun. Sometimes, however, it makes me feel extremely dumb. As in i JUST made 3 Red Headed Sluts and now I forget what is in them (Jager, Cran and ___?) Just goes to reiterate my theory that I have no short term memory. My biggest concerns right now include writing a 15 page paper on a book I haven't yet read and finding a place to live in the fall so i'm not homeless. I've been learning a lot about homelessness in one of my classes--I don't think I would fit in so well. SO here's to hoping I can find a rad apartment. Peace out Homies.
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Not having internet access in my apt. has actually been pretty awesome. No cable either. Although I still find myself doing a surprising amount of NOTHING. Started work though, which is good. I think co-op is actually going to be pretty awesome. Went back to work at Matrix last night too. NOTICE: Matrix is no longer "Matrix." It is now "Pure." Cuz, um, I dunno. But apparently I work at Pure now? Freakin club scene. Haha they painted the walls to go downstairs all silver and there's all this sketchy lighting and it just makes me laugh. Also, last night i would say approximately 10% of the people there had english as their first language (muttersprache, if you will). SO MANY freakin foreign people! crazy. Aw man and i felt so bad for this guy cuz he was turkish and he was like "they didn't give me a wrist band upstairs" (wristband=over 21) so i told him to go back up and get one and he came back and he was like "they wouldn't give me one. He doesnt think my ID is real" and you could just tell that he wasn't lying he really was 21 but because it was like this crazy foreign ID and it didn't look official really cuz i dunno the turks are apparently behind on their technology but it was just sad. poor guy. He wasn't all angry about it either (which is usually how people get in that kinda situation). Just sad. aw. But it kinda made me think cuz i was looking at his ID and it really looked super simple and thats probably why they didn't accept it. But wouldn't you think that just like anyone in turky could have a fake ID then? Are other countries not as hardass about holograms and stuff because they don't have a problem with it? I guess it makes sense because who needs a fake when you can drink at 16? Although you'd think from a more official government type of standpoint you'd want a more official ID . . .haha i guess alcohol isn't the ONLY reason one would want a fake. ANYWAY just rambling. Thoughts?
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Jesus Christ Jessica Alba is SO hot. I've decided that she is the embodiment of hotness. Like, perfect. Not gonna lie, i kinda want to be her. Mmm motivation. Operation Get In Shape commencing. Ready, GO
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. . .what

MAN it has been a long time since I've updated! Sorry folks. See, the problem seems to be that when I have cool interesting things to write about, I'm too busy to update. And when I have absolutely NOTHING to do...well, I have absolutely nothing to write about. Like right now, for example. But look! I'm writing anyway! (feel free to stop reading here.)

Seriously nothing new is happening in my life. At all. I'm home for the first half of summer, but i'm not working so I fill my days with...well, nothing. I've been trying to work out on a regular basis. It's kind of working. But just kind of. I started going to Martial Arts lessons with Francisco. They are actually WAY badass. Its all about minimal movement. The kind we do requires NO muscle work. Its all just in moving your body the right way and having the right timing. And seriously, when I do a step right I can flip a 200+ lbs man in the air (seriously. I've done it). I'm thinking about trying to maybe keep it up when I get back to boston, but i'd have to get a group together to make it worth a teacher's while. Let me know if you're interested.

Tonight I went to my old dance studio's recital. It's always such a bitter sweet thing. I miss it so much. But man, they are all so talented. I hope they go on with dancing after they graduate high school.

See what happens when i do nothing all day? I just ramble on about nothing. Sorry, Alex. I know this is against your lj rules (updating when you have absolutely nothing to write about). I hope we can still be friends.

SO i'll be back in Boston June 27, and I am so excited! I can't wait to see everyone, and honestly, I really just miss the city. Also, A whole slew of my friends from home are coming to visit me this summer, which is super awesome because then all my ohio friends and my Boston friends can join forces and be come a super power and take over the world. OR just have a huge party and get drunk. I'd be cool with either.

SO anyway, that's about it. I'll try to write a little more often from now on. No promises though.
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Um, not really though. Thats ok. I'm home, and it is nice to have no obligations except for being lazy. I'd be lying if i said i didn't miss Boston already though. Just a thought: puzzles are amazing. Seriously, don't knock them. They are hard core addictive! So what are some fun things to do while home on break? Any ideas? Ohio is full of ... uh ... well i just can't think of anything. Some help over here?
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So I was just looking at my previous entry about new years resolutions, and without knowing it, I think i'm actually doing ok with my goals!!! I went to the MFA yesterday. It was nice to just walk around by myself and be immersed in art. People must have thought i was crazy, because i just started smiling as i was walking around. Art=goooood. Also, I have been going to ERC a lot. Like, to the extent that i'm starting to get extra stamps and free drinks and they know my name. A+. Played a game yesterday and am going to go play another in a little bit here. As far as theme parties go, wellllll still haven't quite hopped on that train. But the argyle party is still gonna happen SOMETIME, and today at lunch Alex and I decided we are going to have an "obscure soft drinks" party. Thats right. obscure. Soft. Drinks. Eat that, Bitch. lattaaaaa
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People who use umbrellas in the snow bother me. I understand its practicality and all, but seriously folks, its SNOW. It lands on you and its pretty and white and you start hearing music and everything goes in slow motion and all of a sudden you are 96.7% sure you are in a movie. And yeah sure that only lasts for a second, until you get inside and start to melt, but still. Just go with it, you know? I am sorry if any of you out there are of the umbrella carrying variety, but not for the reason you might thing (as in, offending you). No, I am just sorry that you have lived your life this far without knowing what a Tool you are. Sorry, but someone had to say it.
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Well friends, it's been a while. Sorry bout that. The semester went over pretty well, overall. Im in seattle for a while now before heading home to columbus for the rest of break. I decided I really want to think about my new year's resolutions before they have to come into play, so I can put some TIME into my decisions. I decided to go with more specific things this time. Of course I'm going to try to be a better person, do better in school, do nice things for people, etc. But really, I at least try that always. I want to try specifics this year. I also want to make sure i'm not gonna go with something i'll regret (like cleaning my room every day)! SO. I welcome any and all input and suggestions to what my new years resolution(s) should be. Here's what i've got so far:

~Have theme parties. Laura and I had planned to have a fair amount of these during the year, but so far our record is holding steady at 0.
~Go to the MFA! I went every week first semester last year, and I loved it. annnddd I have yet to go this year.
~Have more wholesome fun. Craft time, game nights, and ERC a must.
~Write snail mail letters to my girls back home. Mail is ALWAYS fun to get.

aaaaannnnnnnddddd thats all I got for now. See ya on the flip side
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So i keep looking at that last post and being like "hmm I really need to update so my most recent post isn't horrible depressing and basically just bitching about life." But then my ear ate my earring. So until something good happens, I'm not going to update, because if i were to update now it would be pretty much along the same tone as the previous one. So sorry. Maybe YOU could make something good happen, huh? Yeah, that's what I thought.
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Oh Boy.

I love being sick. It is one of my most favorite things ever. Especially the kind of sick where you don't know whats wrong with you. AWESOME. Last time I felt like this it turned into tonsillitis (in Germany). It was quite un-fun. The time before that . . . well, that was the sickest I've ever been. You know that whole can't sleep because you are uncontrollably shaking and semi delirious? yuppppp. The thing that sucks about this though, is that it just comes all of a sudden. I'll be feeling fine for 2 or 3 (or even 6) hours, and then BAM my body is like "haha you thought I forgot, didn't you? Joke's on you, brain."


~I suddenly realize that I have been shaking for the last 10 minutes.
~I am freezing, but my face is burning up
~I am totally FINE one minute, and then feel like I am on acid the next
~I am not sad about anything. And then I start crying.
~I feel sorry for myself (well, thats not really a consequence of my mind and body separating, more just me being selfish and stupid).
~Everything is achy. (Don't worry, I've learned that asking for a massage never gets you one.)

uhhh that is a horribly boring list. haha. well, its true. SERIOUSLY have some compassion here, people. I'm SICK. geez.

Ok time to go uh be sick and mope around because that is what you are supposed to do when you're sick. It's in the book.